Top 10 Reasons to Immigrate to Australia

MELBOURNE: The reasons why people might choose to emigrate to Australia can be diverse, but common to all is the idea of a better work/life balance, including better weather and an outdoors orientated lifestyle.

Whether migrants choose to immigrate to Australia from England, from Ireland, or elsewhere, the appeal of this vast country inevitably draws them to the great cities of Australia, whether it is to Sydney, to Perth, to Melbourne, or to Queensland, all in search of a better life. So why emigrate to Australia? Here are the top 10 reasons why you should consider a new life in this vibrant country.

  1. Australia is a nation founded on immigration. Of 22 million Australians, the majority are descendents of nineteenth and twentieth century European settlers, mainly from the UK (from England, Scotland, Wales) and from Ireland. However, the country’s population has quadrupled since the end of World War I, due to the introduction of an ambitious immigration programme, and today, Australia’s population is incredibly diverse, with many foreign born citizens and residents from every corner of the globe.
  2. Australia has a prosperous, western-style economy, with a GDP per capita estimated last year at US$43.300, outmatching the UK’s US$37.500.
  3. Despite the country’s healthy economy, a shortage of skilled workers is still a problem which Australia is currently addressing. Jobs abound for skilled tradespeople and investors and the opportunity to become part of Australia and enjoy its unparalleled lifestyle is wide open to anyone who possesses the required skills or business knowledge.
  4. Trades and professions in Australia can be considerably better paid than their counterparts from Britain and elsewhere. In some areas of Australia, bricklayers, electricians, carpenters and mechanics can earn upwards of AU$3000 per month. Professionals, such as teachers and architects can earn around AU$5800 per month and above.
  5. Australia’s de-regulated economy makes it an ideal country for business investment. The country also benefits from substantial natural resources and technical strength and a tax system that competes with all other western economies. Business visas are a popular choice for migrants
  6. Housing is of an affordable, high standard compared to other countries, and the quality of schools, hospitals and public transport reflect the exceptional quality of life that Australians enjoy. The country’s healthcare provision involves a mixture of private and state funded systems working in sync.
  7. The landscape and climate of Australia is stunning and highly varied. Ranging from the lush rainforests of Northern Queensland and the Northern Territory to Sydney’s Blue Mountains, from the vast outback to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia has diverse scenery that attracts thousands of tourists and residents alike every year to explore its varied landscapes, from the shores of Western Australia, to New South Wales and Victoria in the east. Although Australia’s climate is varied, you can always expect an average minimum temperature in the 20s in the summer months no matter where you reside, and in most areas this average is far higher.
  8. English is the national language and is spoken at home by 80% of the population. Virtually all of those who do not speak it at home are bilingual, so communication with others is never a problem.
  9. Australians are sport-obsessed and love living an outdoor lifestyle. Major sports in Australia include the country’s national sports of cricket, rugby union, rugby league and Australian Rules football, as well as hockey, netball and soccer.

10. Despite all that goes on in Australia, the lifestyle is in fact extremely relaxed and laid back. Class boundaries do not exist is the same ways that they do in countries such as the UK, and a sense of everyone contributing to society in their own way prevails.

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