First of all congratulation on your promotion and thank you for the guidance and advises you have provided me throughout my Australian Immigration process. I would definitely say that he is a very great person, soft spoken, honest, reliable and very dedicated to his work. He managed to finish my immigration case within a short time of less than 5 months because of his right direction and expertise.
I would really recommend “Mr. Sajjad Ahmad” and his Company “Zarnab International” as yours Immigration Consultant.
I wish him all the very best in his future endeavours.

Imran Uddin Aziz
Civil Engineer

Mr. Sajjad is a dedicated professional, handled my case with extreme care and professionalism. He is very aware of his work and technicalities of the profession as well. His perfectness in the game has earned me a PR status to Australia in just 6 months.

Shoaib Khalid
External Auditor

I had an excellent experience working with Sajjad and I never faced any problem while he was handling my case. I appreciated his professional approach and he was very helpful and patient with my tons of questions.

Imran Dawood
Telecommunications Engineer

Sajjad is a result driven Immigration Consultant with excellent expertise in his field. He successfully processed my case for Australian PR in just 5 months time. He was very polite, communicative and supportive throughout the process. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Syed Ali
Civil Engineer

I had a chance to work with Mr. Sajjad as an immigration client and found him very much dedicated and honest person with his job and with his clients as well.

Kashif Ehsan
Materials Engineer

Sajjad is best at his Job. My successful case is a result of his dedication toward his work. God bless you and may you always succeed in your endeavors.

Qasim Aslam

Sajjad is a highly dedicated professional consultant and is very proficient in his work. He maintains a very good working relationship with his clients and always give sincere and honest advice. I strongly recommend him for anyone looking for an expert immigration consultant.

Bilal Khurshid
Electronics Engineer

He is a very professional person and very dedicated to his role and work. He knows his job well and always ready to support his clients. I would say that he is immensely talented when it comes to consultancy and relationships management as well. I wish him best of luck for future.

Syed Haider Imam
Telecommunications Engineer

“Sajjad is a committed professional with a sound knowledge of Immigration law. During my procedure he handled my case with extreme care and always kept me informed about any issues coming and always provided excellent solution of the problem. He maintains very good working relationships with his clients. I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for Immigration.”

Javed Rasool Awan
Production Manager

Mr. Sajjad is a very professional person with nice and friendly attitude and dealing with his clients, i have known him for about 6 months during my Immigration process and he has been very helpful and guiding me where ever i need this assistance for finagling the case.
Over all nice person with great knowledge of his field and a nice personality.

Nadeem Raja

I have known Mr.sajjad since last 8 months. In those 8 months, I have seen him not only committed to core elements of his own responsibilities but also act as a bridge of communication between other members of his team. Personally whenever I had a chance to communicate with him I feel he is willing to help and support. In addition to this he has up to date knowledge of his concerned field and the way he communicate this make you fascinated. His prompt response regarding the updates makes me even more comfortable.
I personally recommend him and wish him a very bright future.

Abdul Jabir
Transport Engineer

Sajjad Ahmad is a very composed person and has full commitment with his job. The best thing about him is the quick response to any query and his ability to come up with a solution for each problem. I wish him a great success in his professional career

Ammar Anwar
Telecommunication Engineer

I had a great experience with the professionals of Zarnab international, infact everyone member of your team whom I came accross was found to be very professional, responsive and knowledgable.

I must admit that when I started my immigration process I thought it will take me 1-1/2 to 2 years to get the Visa ( if I could) but its so amazing that I got the Visa in almost one year time, I must give credit to Zarnab team for thier timely followup and prompt responsive which make all that happen. I would like to extend my heartiest gratitude towards all the staff of Zarnab Int.

I have already recommended Zarnab to 3 to 4 personals who are seeking Australian immigration, I wish Zarnab international all the best for thier business and will definitley keep in contact.

N Ashraf

Its been two years since I have doing business with your esteemed company. Zarnab is a team of dedicated professionals who are always willing to go an extra mile in providing right guidance and proper information regarding immigration.

I have found Zarnab team honest and trustworthy in their dealings and I would especially like to appreciate the commendable work of Munazza and Massam as they have provided me very good support and guidance in pursuance of my case.Based on my personal experience with Zarnab I am confident that my family’s case will InshaAllah, surely be added in the Zarnab’s successful case list.

Best Wishes,

Shukaib Iftikhar

“I can recommend Zeeshan as a person with great recognition and deep recognition of Immigration solutions. I have had the pleasure of knowing him for the since last year working in the same company. Efficient strategist. Is ready to deal with difficult situations and solve the problems on time. It’s a pleasure working with him as he is a detail oriented and expert Consultant.”

Waqar A Bhatti

“Mr Farrukh Zeeshan is very competitive as an immigration consultant. He possesses great expertise in handling immigration cases. During my interaction with him I found him honest, reliable, and very skillful he is well updated about the latest happening in the Immigration policies. I highly recommend Mr. Farrukh Zeeshan and his team to prospective immigration applicants. Wish Zarnab Team best of luck in the future.”

Furqan Ali

“Mr. Farukh Zeeshan is a young energetic and a very hardwoing person with a vale of honesty.
He is a very good and intelegent advisor which guids a person very clearly what is best for him for his futre. I wish him all the best for his future and hard work.

S Durrani

“I meet Mr. Zeeshan through a colleague of mine. A group of seven people, requiring immigration consultancy for Australia, had a meeting with him in the same regard. At the very first meeting I found Mr. Zeeshan to be honest, informative and had detailed and up to date knowledge of everything regarding Australian immigration. Over time I have developed not only a client-consultant relationship with him, rather a friend that I can rely on when I comes to matters of immigration consultancy. This friendly attitude occluded with years of experience make Zarnab group the best consultancy firm in Pakistan and I would highly recommend anyone seeking Australian Immigration to hire there services.”

Osman Rasheed

“He is technically very updated and knows complications and solutions in Australian immigration cases.He is very cooperative and is providing good consultancy skills across Pakistan.”

Jawad A Sheikh

“I hired the services of Farrukh for immigration to Australia. I must say that he is very sound in what he does, I have found him to be up to date with all the latest happenings in his field and this made me to hire his services despite of having some other options. I would highly recommend him to any aspirant for the Australian immigration.”

Hassan Naqvi

“I have hired Mr Farrukh as an immigration consultant since December 2009. I have found him very hardworking,very keen and deeply inclined to his work and he always work to the utmost satisfaction of the client. When i met him for the first time,i was quite impressed by his knowledge and the experience he gained over a period of time is much valuable that he feels no hesitation to share it with his client.He always works up to the requirements of the client.I wish him all the very best in his future endeavors. May Allah bless him always. Ameen.”

M Omar

“Mr. Kahlil is good in business and have worked for many years in the same field. He has good reputation in the market.”

Shahid Ghani

First of all,thanks for giving me the opertunity to share my views.
the best thing i found in the Zarnab team is the way of dealing and communication,specially to you i will give A+ as far as dealing is concern.
Secondly i will appreciat the level of trust,not only clients have trust in you but you also trust your clients which is the most important element in dealing.

Overall i am very satisfied the way the whole Zarnab team dealt me for the last two years.

Roshan Hilal

I used Zarnab International for handling my immigration procedures to Australia. I have found them very dependable with a very professional approach. Every matter related to my immigration was dealt with care and I had my immigration finalized in just 1 year (which being a Pakistani candidate is a very good time). I would highly recommend the services of Zarnab for potential immigration seekers.

Ezaz Akram Paracha

“He is a great person to talk with regarding immigration cases to Australia…somebody who could give you the best of best all about Australia…he has also got his qualification from Australia and well aware of Australian environment too…i truly recommends all of my friends who are interested in moving to Australia by immigration to consult with this men for their good outcomes.

Syed N Abid

“I had my first meeting with Mr. Zeeshan, Farrukh in 2009 when I was looking for an immigration consultant who can take my case for the Australia’s immigration. In a very first meeting with him I find him a person who is not only good in his work but also a person who is straight forward and honest with clients. He gave me initial details about the point system for Australia’s Immigration and he gave me a black and white list of strong and weak points in my case. First he recommended me to do some Professional Certifications and then go for immigration. At this stage I decided that I will only hire their services for the immigration. The reason for my decision was that unlike the other consultants in market who are just interested in taking the client and making money from the clients, Mr. Zeeshan, Farrukh guided me in the right direction.
So according to his instruction, first I completed some certifications and then he took my case. At each step on the case he keeps me fully informed about the progress of the case and within the given time I got my permanent resident visa.
During the process I find them professional, honest, reliable and result oriented.”

Mudassar Raza

“I have consulted Mr. Farrukh for my immigration to Australia and found him extremely professional, who knew his work and guided me in the right direction. Completely honest with his work, I never found him selfish for any reason. Always willing to go out of his way for his clients, he completed my case in less than a 10 months.
If you are applying for immigration to Australia and are looking for professional services, I highly recommend Mr. Farrukh and his company Zarnab to be your choice.”

Ali B Ahmed

“Well … going to Australia is one of my goal! but my job is so hectic that i hardly get some time out for myself. I heard about Zarnab from my friends, when i visit them i was almost 100% sure that iam at the right place. The staff is so professional and expert that am convinced. Moreover I highly recommend Zarnab to everyone.”

Shaways Malik
Civil Engineer

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