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  • Requirements

    Below is a guide to basic requirements for a Skilled Immigration Visa. All applicants for a Skilled Immigration Visa must
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  • Process

    Applying for Australian Immigration is a 4/5 stage process Stage 1 Skill Assessment According to DIBP (Department of Immigration and
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  • Occupations List

    OCCUPATION ANZSCO CODE ASSESSING AUTHORITY Construction Project Manager 133111 VETASSESS Project Builder 133112 VETASSESS Engineering Manager
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  • Points Test

    Points Required Australian Visa Subclasses and Points Pass Mark Visa Subclass Pass Mark Subclass 189 Skilled – Independent (Permanent) 60 Subclass
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Australian Immigration

Australian Immigration

Australia is one of the favorite places people seek for immigration and it has a long history of people moving over to seek a better quality of life. The country has accepted millions of immigrants since the year 1945. Everyday, there are hundreds of people applying for Australian immigration. This is due to the thriving economy in the country and the exquisite lifestyle. Australia, for many, is the Promised Land, as it has welcomed a record number of immigrants who wish to relocate for better employment and improved standards of living. The applicant must understand the different categories of immigration in order to be successful.

Australia has a fast growing economy but a very small population and this is not enough to sustain its development. Hence, it needs workforce from other countries to fuel its economy. If you are an ambitious individual looking for an opportunity in Australian immigration, you have many options

Australian immigration offers a point-based test for those considering immigration to Australia, with applicants needing to score a minimum number of points to apply under skilled immigration category.. These points are offered on the basis of the applicant’s work experience, his educational qualifications, his age and English speaking abilities and many other factors.

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Australian Immigration Assessment

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