10 Reasons to Invest in Manitoba

What do you look for when you are comparing sites for starting, expanding or relocating your business in Canada?

As a successful business leader your wish list would include the following 10 points:

  1. Strategically located in the center of CanadaA well-educated, highly skilled workforce.
  2. A strategic mid-continent location that provides an open door to the United States.
  3. A central time location is a major advantage for service-sector busineses.
  4. A significant advantage over other possible sites in comparative business costs (KPMG Study).
  5. A diverse, modern economy with leading edge transportation and communication networks.
  6. One of the best R & D climates in Canada.
  7. An affordable cost of living, competitive levels of taxation and excellent recreational and cultural amenities.
  8. Low employee turnover.
  9. A “business friendly” attitude at all levels of government.
  10. Published hydroelectric rates that are among the lowest in North America

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